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Beyond Notability: Works

Works, such as scholarly articles, books, presentations, or other comparable undertakings, are recorded as items with statements about them (rather than, say, as statements about their authors or publishers).

Use only for works listed in source materials. Add VIAF or WorldCat IDs to authors to enable queries of all publications. Only very notable exhibits should have items, otherwise use item exhibited (free text) (P80)

All such types of works are connected by the statement:

book (Q34) > instance of (P12) > work (Q237)

Template for a work


In cases of printed publications, use the author (P19) property as follows:

author (P19) > Item for author

In cases of presentations, talks, or live exhibitions, use the exhibitor (P13) property, with part of (P4) and point in time (P1) qualifiers (therefore, skipping the point in time (P1) statement below. So:

exhibitor (P13) > Item for author.

With qualifier(s):

Point in Time

point in time (P1)> a date (presumed to be date of publication)

Instance of

This statements describes what type of work the item is. So:

instance of (P12) > presentation (Q236)

A list of types of works is available at Pages that link to "Item:Q237" (so long as all work types have been connected to work (Q237) correctly!).


This statement describes the publisher of the item. So:

publisher (P57) > Kent Archaeological Society (Q323)

Use only if appropriate, for example if the publisher is a records society, or archaeological society, or both!

Link to WorldCat entry

described at URL (P14) > full permalink (see top right of entry) url for WorldCat item for work, e.g.