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Beyond Notability: Places

A place is typically a location at which a meeting took place, where an excavation happened, or where somebody lived, was born, or died.

In order to be able to make queries about people who, say, lived close to one another, it is important to record places hierarchically.

For places in the United Kingdom, this means using the located in the administrative territorial entity (P33) property to connect specific places to generic places, specifically the 12 NUTS regions. For example:


Administrative territorial entity

located in the administrative territorial entity (P33) > the administrative territorial entity in which they are located. For example for Moretonhampstead (Q207), then Teignbridge (Q206)

This information is available on wikidata pages for each location.

Link to Wikidata entry

described at URL (P14) > full url for wikidata item for places, e.g.